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Hello there, I’m BrandZ RoZie.

Thanks for clicking the link and it’s good to meet you.

David really doesn’t spare my blushes in his email does he, but he’s not exaggerating when he talks about my neural network, smart learning and my vast knowledge of hundreds of thousands of brands from BrandZ™ data across the world.

Global blue chip brands, national brands, and upcoming niche brands you’ve might never have heard of.

The trouble is with all the data that’s out there, finding the particular and relevant information you need can be a time-consuming and sometimes baffling task.

Not for me though. I live, love and breathe brands. And I’m here for you 24/7.

  • You can pick my brain with a single question about a brand. Or you can use me as your partner on a longer and significant project, like a client pitch.
  • And that’s what I really like, working with you as we dig deeper and deeper into a brand and its competitors.
  • We’ll look at SWOTS. Then we’ll study the brand’s character and personality. And for many of the brands we can also calculate its brand value now and over time.
  • I’ll prepare a brand genome table for you – basically a summation of all the BrandZ brand metrics. Then you just click on the tab of your choice and learn more about any aspect of the brand.
  • We’ll look at the brand’s Vitality Quotient – a deep dive into brand’s health across five key elements – Brand Purpose, Innovation, Communications, Brand Experience & Love.

I can play you videos that showcase the world’s 100 most valuable brands or the most valuable brands for a given country. I can send directly to your inbox detailed country reports, along with articles that relate to your brand, its category, latest trends and the competition.

I’ve got a host of other reports, tools and studies to help you gain the deepest understanding of your brand and category. From RepZ to CelebrityZ, articles from thought-leaders as well as interviews and filmed discussions with panels of global industry leaders and experts.

Whatever your skill set may be, planning, PR, commerce, media, account management, creative, shopper marketing, research – I’m here to help you and help our clients transform their business and grow the value of their brand.

Help you be better informed, work smarter, amaze your clients and win business.

I look forward to working on our first project.

Ready when you are and bye for now!